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Seeking mediation services in family law matters? Seeking a legal license in Texas? The Law Office of Tricia Heil Davis is here to help.

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Tricia Heil Davis

Attorney & Mediator

Tricia is a seasoned attorney based in Austin, Texas, who focuses on providing comprehensive mediation services in the realm of family law and parental rights. With a wealth of legal knowledge and a compassionate approach, she has earned a stellar reputation in the Austin legal community. Tricia understands that family disputes can be emotionally taxing and strives to create a supportive environment for the parties allowing successful navigation toward resolution.


Strong Advocacy

Tricia provides strong legal counsel and advocacy for anyone facing challenges before the Texas Board of Law Examiners.

Attentive Support

As a mediator, Tricia understands the importance of listening to all parties, and she provides personalized and creative conflict resolution.

Reputable Skills

Tricia has successfully mediated 100s of cases since 2005. She is the former Assistant Director of the Texas Lawyers Assistance Program.
Solution-Oriented Resolution

When you entrust your conflict resolution matters to Tricia, you're choosing a dedicated mediator in Austin, Texas, who strives to give clients a solution-oriented, effective, and personalized outcome. Experience the difference with Tricia and work toward your best solution-oriented resolution today.

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Your Path to Success Before the Texas Board of Law Examiners

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Your Path to Success Before the Texas Board of Law Examiners

Embarking on your legal career while struggling with the challenges of the Board of Law Examiners application and character and fitness process can be overwhelming. Attorney Tricia Heil Davis has represented applicants like you for all over Texas and the United States for over 25 years. Choose Tricia as your advocate in successfully navigating the Board of Law Examiners application and character and fitness process.

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Advocating for Your Future

Tricia is an esteemed attorney hailing from Austin, Texas. She brings a wealth of experience as a dedicated mediator in the field of family law. Known for her attentiveness and extensive knowledge, she is deeply committed to investing in her clients' futures. As an attorney, Tricia excels in providing reputable BLE representation to law students and lawyers.

With the resources at her disposal and a genuine concern for a successful outcome, Tricia is the advocate you can trust while navigating your legal journey. When you choose Tricia, you do not have to face challenges alone — or stress about your future. Schedule a consultation today to get the guidance you need. She expertly assists clients throughout the state of Texas and the United States before the Texas Board of Law Examiners.