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Board of Law Examiners Representation Attorney in Austin, Texas

Tricia Heil Davis, an accomplished attorney, is your trusted and experienced advocate in Austin Texas for representation before the Texas Board of Law Examiners.  She represents Applicants from all over the state of Texas and all over the nation before the Texas Board in moral character and fitness hearings, AWOX Applications, and rule waivers.  She has successfully advocated for Applicants in hundreds of character and fitness hearings, probationary license hearings, AWOX hearings and waivers. She is a former Assistant Director of The Texas Lawyers Assistance Program as well as a longtime past member of the State Bar’s Disciplinary Rules of Professional Conduct Committee. 

Services Offered

Tricia Heil Davis and her team at the Law Office of Tricia Heil Davis offer comprehensive services tailored to help candidates successfully gain admission to the Texas Bar. Her services include:

  1. Application Review: Tricia thoroughly reviews your Declaration of Intention to Study Law, your Bar Exam Application, your AWOX application, and your UBE transfer Application to ensure you have been thorough and accurate.  She will advise you on any updates or amendments that need to occur. 

  2. Legal Expertise: As an attorney with decades of experience, Tricia Heil Davis is well-equipped to address challenges and issues that may arise during the Application process. She has successfully represented Applicants with a vast array of underlying issues, and has special experience and expertise in the areas of chemical dependency and recovery. 

  3. Advocacy: She is an experienced, successful, strong, and steadfast advocate for her clients, ensuring their Bar Applications and current character and fitness are presented to the Texas Board in the best possible light. 

Moving You in the Right Direction

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Why Work With an Attorney

You have worked too hard for the opportunity to practice law in Texas to proceed on your own. Experienced representation is critical. Do not work with just any attorney. Having attorney Tricia Heil Davis as your advocate is invaluable. Tricia’s wealth of experience and individual attention to your particular case and circumstances allow her to provide insight and guidance into the intricacies and complexities of the Application process.  

The Board of Law Examiners licensing process is a unique system, independent of the State Bar. It is an arm of the Supreme Court of Texas, with its own rules and internal procedures.  This is not a grievance matter, nor is the matter governed by the State Office of Administrative Hearings. You need representation by someone experienced with these particular hearings and processes.   

Choosing an attorney to represent you before the Texas Board of Law Examiners is a wise investment in your legal career, increasing your chances of a successful application process, hearing outcome, and ultimate licensure as a Texas attorney. 

Board of Law Examiners Application Representation Attorney in Austin, Texas

If you an attorney, law student, or law school graduate looking for expert representation throughout the Texas Board of Law Examiners Application process, Tricia Heil Davis is here to guide you and advocate for you every step of the way. Contact her today to move forward in becoming a licensed attorney in the state of Texas.